That's China

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  • 小仓山的评论
    哈哈在油管上又看了一个碧血青天杨家将的mv,里面有展昭和庞妃谈恋爱时徒手抓小鸟的镜头,下面一个“John Smith"评论说:damn....that's how they catch birds in china?? i feel like im wasting my money on guns for nothing. who needs guns when u know kung fu!!! wah tah!!!“
  • 李Hui虎的评论
    I almost forgot there was one box of 56 at home, for Clarinetist that's a surpri @ Chengdu, China 网页链接
  • 躲在一旁的吴国马忠的评论
    还是想贴外媒对Imp事件报道的节选,我自己做的五毛翻译(西方人搞事往死卖萌不能忍)imp's iconic glasses broken while defending China's honor Imp的标志性眼镜在捍卫中国荣耀时被打破and he boldly intervened to tell them, "Personally I think .. that's not true." Imp 大胆干预 并告诉...全文
  • Robert_樊百乐的评论
    That's so-called "bull in A China shop".
  • 永近_maker的评论
    OBAMA:hello? TRUMP:hi,I want give Japan to China. OBAMA:that's a good idea. TRUMP:I know you,we are best cp.biubiu~
  • 郑公子你的评论
    fucking unbelievable, that's still happened in china
  • 新乡学院外国语学院团总支的评论
    #The BBC English#China is building a life-size replica of the Titanic,and in case your first reaction to that is better keep it away from icebergs,that's the opposite of what they will do in a way.According to state news agency Xinhua,work on the world's first full-size replica o...全文
  • --Charlene-的评论
    Why not just using the money to plant trees instead of decorating fake Christmas trees everywhere in China that's so weird n embarrassing..
  • 董尼斯的评论
    Why these offensive words can be widely used in China,even in some official occasions, other than its original country just like British or United States? It looks like a minor question but that's real part of the immigrate policy, the culture difference , even economy progress .