The Complete Christie

Matthew Bunson





Which poison was used most frequently in Agatha Christie's novels? How many of her novels featured a butler? Exactly where on the train were the suspects located in Murder on the Orient Express? How many actors have portrayed Hercule Poirot?
Get a clue...or a lot of them, in THE COMPLETE CHRISTIE simply the most comprehensive guide to the life and works of the immortal Dame Agatha Christie. Join author Matthew Bunson, whose Encyclopedia Sherlockiana was compared to "a box of the best chocolates" by mystery author Anne Perry, in this entertaining and highly enjoyable tour of the vast world of mystery created by Christie, and discover...
  • a comprehensive biography of Christie, including new theories on her strange disappearance in 1926
  • plot synopses that offer colorful capsules of the stories (without giving away the solutions!)
  • A-to-Z entries on characters from vicars to butlers, police sergeants to maids, each cross-referenced to the story or novel
  • detailed listings of all films, television programs, radio shows, and documentaries of Christie and her works
  • up-to-date entries on the most recent releases of previously unpublished Christie writings
  • sixty illustrations, including book covers, shots from movies, and stage productions.
Whether you've read every title in the giant Christie canon, or are just discovering her writing, The Complete Christie reveals in delectable detail why the mystique, fascination, and brainteasing fun of the mysteries penned by the century's most successful writing remain forever undiminished.