Calculus Demystified

Krantz, Steven G.




McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

Learning calculus just a lot easier! Here's an innovative shortcut to gaining a more intuitive understanding of both differential and integral calculus. In "Calculus Demystified" an experienced teacher and author of more than 30 books puts all the math background you need inside and uses practical examples, real data, and a totally different approach to mastering calculus. With "Calculus Demystified" you ease into the subject one simple step at a time - at your own speed. A user-friendly, accessible style incorporating frequent reviews, assessments, and the actual application of ideas helps you to understand and retain all the important concepts.This one of a kind self teaching text offers: questions at the end of each chapter and section to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses; a 100-question final exam for self-assessment; detailed examples and solutions; numerous 'math notes; and 'You Try It' items to gauge progress and make learning more enjoyable. An easy-to-absorb style - perfect for those without a mathematics background. If you've been looking for a painless way to learn calculus, refresh your skills, or improve your classroom performance, your search ends here.