The Finite Element Method

Olek C Zienkiewicz,R





The Sixth Edition of this influential, best-selling book delivers the most up to date and comprehensive text and reference yet on the basis of the finite element method for all engineers and mathematicians. The new edition of Volume 1 is now complete in its own right and covers linear elasticity and field problems in the detail required by senior level undergraduate and postgraduate students and all professional users of the FEM. It provides arguably the most authoritative introductory reference and text on the method, covering the latest developments and approaches in this dynamic subject, and is supplemented by exercises, worked solutions and computer algorithms. JARGON BUSTER: Finite Element Method (FEM) - The standard technique for modelling and simulating engineering systems and components. * The classic introduction to the finite element method, by two of the subject's leading authors * Any professional or student of engineering involved in understanding the computational modelling of physical systems will use the FEM * Enhancements include more worked examples and exercises, plus a companion website with a solutions manual and downloadable algorithms