Modern Engineering Mathematics (3rd Edition)

Glyn James,David Bur




Prentice Hall

This edition provides a complete course for first year Engineering Mathematics, which is taught to most engineering students including mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, systems, aeronautical and chemical engineers. Available with this text will be a CD-based testing and assessment package, with interactive multi-choice, multi-answer and hot-spot questions that allow students to test their understanding of the key topics. Ideal for reinforcing learning during the course or pre-examination revision, all questions will provide detailed student feedback on-screen, and also direct students to the relevant section or page in the text for further study. A networkable version of the CD for use in diagnostic assessment is also available for purchase by university departments. Contents 1. Numbers, Algebra and Geometry. 2. Functions. 3. Complex Numbers. 4. Vector Algebra. 5. Matrix Algebra. 6. An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics. 7. Sequences, Series and Limits. 8. Differentiation. 9. Further Calculus. 10. Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations. 11. Introduction to Laplace Transforms. 12. Introduction to Fourier Series. 13. Data Handling and Probability Theory. Features • Comprehensive coverage of first year Engineering Mathematics. • Thorough approach with emphasis on promoting understanding and applicability to solutions of engineering problems. • Numerous fully worked examples and exercises. • Excellent coverage of applications. • Key new changes based on extensive research from students and lecturers. • Improved two-color format. • The addition of basic skills exercises and improved presentation of other exercises, including suggestions for using software. • Reinstated chapter on Fourier series. • Reinstated section on eigenvalues and eigenvectors. • Updated solutions manual including suggestions for using MAPLE and MATLAB. • Increased range of applications in both examples and exercises.