Numerical Computing with MATLAB, Revised Reprint

Cleve B. Moler




Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

This is a lively textbook for an introductory course in numerical methods, MATLAB and technical computing, which emphasises the informed use of mathematical software. Numerical Computing with MATLAB helps readers learn about the mathematical functions in MATLAB, how to appreciate their limitations, and how to use and modify them appropriately. The book makes extensive use of computer graphics, and provides more than 70 M-files, which can be downloaded from the text website Many of the numerous exercises involve modifying and extending these programs. The theory can be adapted to apply to modern problems from cryptography, touch-tone dialing, Google page-ranking, atmospheric science and image processing, as well as classical problems from physics and engineering. This book will appeal to advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in science and engineering. This revision includes changes and corrections made since the book was originally published in 2004.